Thursday, July 05, 2007

Summertime *

This time last year, when we all weren't watching the World Cup, I was spending a helluva lot of time outdoors in the summer sun, either cavorting round the countryside with JJ or heading up to Telegraph Hill with a book and a couple of tinnies while the sun went down over this beautiful city. Well, of course, we aren't having any summer sun this year, so, when not cavorting round the countryside in the car with JJ, I have been either having fights with the boy (oi, son, if you're reading, we both know we've had some real laughs also, by the way) or sat indoors listening to music. My TV has hardly been on since I moved into my new New Cross gaff two months ago. That is a very good thing. I'm not suffering from any football withdrawal symptoms at all - wait, fuck, I think I'm missing Scotland taking on either Costa Rica or Nigeria in the under-20s World Championship tonight - fuck, fuck, fuck. Anyway, as I was saying, music ....

In the absence of Darren's Friday playlist (he's a lazy bugger these days btw), here's what I've been listening to this week (yes, I know I've already mentioned some of this lot already):

Moving Targets - Penetration
Grapes of Wrath - Spear of Destiny
In God We Trust - Dead Kennedys
Chemicrazy - That Petrol Emotion
Tommy - Wedding Present
A Thin Red Line - TV21
101 Damnations - Carter USM
Killing Joke - Killing Joke
Viva Dead Ponies - Fatima Mansions
Hard - Gang of Four
Trains, Boats and Planes - The Frank and Walters
See The Whirl - Delta 5
For Madmen Only - UK Decay
New Traditionalists - Devo
Race Against Time - Penetration
Extricate - The Fall
Talk Talk Talk - The Psychedelic Furs
The Psychedelic Furs - The Psychedelic Furs

All brilliant and all on vinyl. Lined up to play now I have the following CDs:

Don't Breathe a Word - Kevin Tihista's Red Terror
Because of the Times - Kings of Leon (won in BBC Radio 6 competion)

I think I may be up pretty late tonight. But, JJ, I promise I will be fresh-faced and bushy-tailed this time tomorrow night.

UPDATE - It was last night when Scotland took on Nigeria - read about their 2-0 defeat here if you are a real saddo!
* Pretty Things



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