Sunday, January 28, 2007

No Room *

Off to view a house in Cold Blow Lane this afternoon. For those who don't know, Cold Blow Lane was, until about 1995, the home of Millwall. They then, with the help of Lewisham Council, upped sticks and moved about 300 yards down the road to Senegal Fields. Back to the house I'm going to see ... It's a shared ownership job - well, show me a single person who can afford a mortgage in London and I'll show you someone who works in the City/has an inheritance/has rich parents who provides them with everything they ever need (* delete as appropriate). It would be fun to have a home which overlooks the site of the old Den, within spitting distance, in fact, of the old - and this is rather obvious - Cold Blow Lane end of the ground, which is were I first saw the side on my move to SE14 in September 1988.

Talking of football, I have just seen Chelsea take the lead against Nottingham Forest after Shevchenko was left totally unmarked in the area at a corner. Okay, the Russian has had a bit of a dodgy season so far, but a player who was bought for £30 million at the start of the season being left with no-one marking him in the box? For fuck's sake, that is just stupid! I predict at least a 5-0 thrashing for Forest in this one!

And no time to mention the great afternoon I had with JJ yesterday. Lovely lunch, lovely wine, lovely walk on Primrose Hill - it was all rather lovely!

* Spizz Energi



Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Thanks for that... so far only 3-0... oh well, time to concentrate on that crucial promotion chase.

Frankly if they don't get back up this season, some serious despair may set in.

3:33 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

And that's how it ended, I notice. Also noticed Mourinho saying they took it easy for the second half. As for promotion, it doesn't look the certainty it did earlier in the season, but I would think they will still be in with a fairly strong shout!

11:07 pm  

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