Friday, September 22, 2006

Wonderful *

I'm about to embark on what I know will be a great weekend.

First up, I finish work in 24 minutes. Next, I wait in pub where JJ will meet me. Next, we go to my house. Next .... slight pause cos you don't get to know about that part. Next, we go to the pub to watch Celtic take on the forces of darkness (yes, I know that was a bit of a leap, but, as I said, you don't get to know about the missing stuff). Next, we amble down to the Den to watch the Indominatable Lions (does "Indominatable" translate as "pish" by the way) take on JJ's Cobblers for an early season "crucial six-pointer" as crap journalists may describe it. Next, JJ takes the piss out of me (hopefully this takes place well away from the stadium) cos her boys have given my boys a right skelpin'. Next, well, you don't get to know that stuff either. Needless to say, the weekend will be filled with fun, football, music and plenty of food and drink!

Btw, no computer yet - last weekend's hopes were a false dawn. But I will be getting one in a fortnight or so. In the meantime ... come on Celtic, come on the Lions, and hurry up JJ.

* Adam Ant


Anonymous marc said...

Cobblers 1, Lions 0.......What's wrong with this picture???

9:26 pm  
Blogger Yorkshire Pudding said...

Now about these lost times in your schedule... It's okay mate you don't need to be ashamed of the fact that JJ is teaching you origami and flower-arranging in your spare time. Come clean man! This is 2006, not 1906. Modern men are allowed to arrange flowers!

2:14 pm  
Blogger Martin said...

Look on the bright side R , at least the bhoys won.

5:49 pm  

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