Monday, August 22, 2005

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Arrived back home yesterday following a two-week holiday on a campsite just outside Platja D'Aro (or, as the Spanish would put it, Playa D'Aro,), which is, as I expect one or two of the folks over at Counago and Spaves can confirm, about equidistant from both Girona and Barcelona. It was a very nice campsite and the town itself was okay as holiday resorts go. It's a very rocky coastline round those parts so there were very very few beaches which could run for much longer than a few hundred yards, which made it all the more lovely, as the beaches were split up into individual alcoves. Many hours were, needless to say, spent lounging about at either the beach or outside the mobile home reading. Holiday reading this year consisted of the always brilliant Ellmore Leonard's City Primeval, Joseph O'Connor's Inishowen (flat ending to what had been a pacy read up to that point, I thought) and, the highlight, Alexander Dumas's Count of Monte Cristo, a classic. Coincidentally, a recent adaptation starring Guy Pearce was on the box last night and wound me up as it bore very very very little relationship to the book. In fact, while I'm on the subject, I don't think the very complicated and detailed plot can be managed in one film, that's why the five-part French TV serial with Gerrard Depardieu that was on British TV a few years ago worked so well as it offered the opportunity to delve into the intrigues and plots the Count undertook.

Anyway, I digress...

Catalunya really is a beatiful region/country with lovely green hills and mountains as far as the eye could see. We visited various little towns around Platja D'Aro and spent a day in Barcelona, with Parc Guell, La Ramblas, Placa de la Catalunya, Bari Gotic all featuring on the itinerary of a busy day in that most exquisite of cities.

'er indoors and the boy and his friend flew out from Girona airport on Saturday afternoon, so we took advantage and spent the morning in the city and wished we had spent more time there as it was totally gorgeous around the Cathedral.

As I'm shit scared of flying, it was hop on bus to Barcelona for me, spent another nice afternoon there and got the overnight train to Paris, but that part of the journey started off badly as I received a text message informing me of Celtic's defeat to the forces of darkness earlier in the day. The only thing of note about my couple of hours in Paris were the two controlled explosions in the Gard du Nord while I was there - probably only someone's dirty washing or souvenirs which are now no more. And then it was back home yesterday afternoon.

All in all, a very nice and relaxing couple of weeks were had by all, with the only problem during the holiday being the boy and his friend having the same designs on a girl at the campsite which caused a few tense discussions involving all concerned. I didn't look at any news or newspaper all this time, apart from taking a peek at a paper last Thursday morning to check out the England score - ha ha ha!

I now have another week off work, during which I intend to do absolutely nothing and I'm particularly looking forward to the watching the fourth Test starting on Friday.

Oh, by the way, I note that all my favourite bloggers have been really busy over the last week or so, please keep it up!

* The 1970 England World Cup Squad


Blogger Jim said...

I'm sure I had that single. I can't think why though. Anyways. Glad you had a splendid time away, mighty jealous that you have a further week of lazing around though. I'm also mightily impressed that there was a post about your hols without a single reference to alcohol....have you taken some Spanish pledge?

7:26 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Drank copious amounts - apart from the nice Estrella Damm and the San Miguel beer and some rather excellent rioja and other Spanish wine, done two bottles of brandy on my own in two weeks. Quite impressive really, don't you think?

10:52 pm  
Blogger John said...

Yay Reidski, welcome back. Glad you had such a good time.

Missed the England match myself. Too busy watching Ireland get robbed by Italy.

Any photos of Catalunya?

12:23 pm  
Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Welcome back!

We REALLY, REALLY missed you... there were moments over the last couple of weeks when your incisive humour would have been welcome...!

Oh yeah, on the matter of the "Count of Monte Christo" film: I think all guy Pearce had to do was slap his thighs and yell "ah-ha!" and the true pantomime nature of the film would have been made manifest!

4:08 pm  
Anonymous Messalina said...

Wotcha matey. Must warn you that you have been replaced by a parlour palm at work. I am not joking.

4:48 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Aw shucks - you guys are nice!

John, yes, a few pics that I shall endeavour to post over the next few days.

Lisa, Pearce was well shite in the shite film. But I think the only time I was missed in blogworld was when John and Ardee nearly came to blows.

Messalina, I'm scared. Am I heading for a Day of the Triffids experience when I return next week??

10:24 pm  
Blogger ardeelee said...

i'm glad you're back. as lisa have already mentioned, there were times when we needed your sense of humour to kill off pirates.

how are you? you speak spanish now?

12:32 am  
Blogger ardeelee said...

oh i like john, there was just this man whose name begins with a 'd' i don't even remember his name now that was just causing mischief.

plus all the advertisers that pose to comment on your page, only to add an advertised link on your blog entry.

ever get those on your blogs yet?

12:36 am  
Blogger Reidski said...


Duffman is a stupid pompous fool - it is my policy never to respond to his remarks and it works cos he's not posted on here for many months.

And, those damn pirates - I note Lisa has had an onslaught from these assholes. Hope they go away pretty darn soon.

11:03 am  

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