Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sex & Drugs And Rock And Roll

Well, I will at least get the Rock and Roll tonight, I'm off to see The Dears.


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Please say that they actually played the gig this time...

9:25 am  
Blogger Reidski said...

Yes, not only did they play a wonderful set, but House of Love were the support act - whooopppeee! Review to follow

9:37 am  
Blogger ardeelee said...

no way. the dears and house of love? I have house of love's debut. sheesh. i feel old.

but i'm jealous. i missed the dears in la earlier this year.

reidski, hmmm, you still didn't write anything on my shoutbox, you know!

7:58 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

What the heck is a "shoutbox"???

12:21 am  
Blogger Jim said...

I have the house of love debut and I AM old.

Shoutbox you fool, is a box that you shout into.

6:36 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

Jim...you're NOT old!!!!

9:06 am  
Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

House of Love...!

Awesome. Cloud and I were playing "Christine" the other day.

Do I still have my huge butterfly poster from the second album tour? Graced many a wall!

10:35 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

Hope you and all your friends in London are OK.

5:18 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Thanks Jane. I was merely inconvenienced today, but, unfortunately, the loved ones, family and friends of other human beings are grieving.
I wish I could avoid using the "c" word, but I do think Blair's a cunt, as it is his policies - and those of Brown, Straw, Blunkett, Jowell, Beckett, etc etc etc - which have caused this.
In saying that and for what it's worth, I would still like to kick the living shit out of those who caused this horrific attack on my city and its people.

8:04 pm  
Blogger ardeelee said...

i'm glad you're ok red! i was thinking about my blogmates.

my thoughts and prayers.....

the craziest thing is when I went to London last year, we stayed at a hostel by Tavistock place! Right on Russell Square! So I remember exactly where Upper Woburn is!

crazy crazy crazy.


2:35 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

I think someone is trying to tell me something. My entire blog has disappeared, and the template looks blank. On my create page every post is still there, but I can't view them. Blogger support keeps sending standard replies which don't help. If anyone has had a similiar experince and has a spare five minutes, could you let me know what you did on Johnandjaneblog@yahoo.co.uk.

9:17 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

Think you all need to know that Jim is a genius and has sorted it for me. What a completely brilliant man!

1:32 pm  
Blogger Jim said...


3:49 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

he is a complete genius and a brilliant man, but never ever ever tell him so!!!!

9:08 pm  

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