Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Super Thing *

Spur of the moment decision took me to the Borderline to see Richmond Fontaine last night and what a decision that turned out to be. This is the third time I've seen this band this year and last night's was the best. A truly stunning set saw them performing songs from old and new releases alike. Standouts were Post to Wire, Winnemucca and the awesome Western Skyline. Spoiled just a fraction towards the end when four scouse wankers attempted to start a fight with me and my fellow gig-goer for no reason whatsover - northern tossers! The night was topped off by me waking up in a bus garage many miles from home with no idea of where I was. Eventually got home about four in the morning (I can feel a song coming on here - don't know what I mean? Look up Faron Young!). It's twenty past four and my hangover is kicking in. Urghhh, I feel like shit!

* Devo, which reminds me that frontman Mark Mothersbaugh had a part to play in both the Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums soundtracks, which also reminds me that many people always believed that Devo were the faces behind the enigma that was and is The Residents, which reminds me of of a great gig I once attended, which reminds me of falling asleep on the bus, which reminds me of my hangover, which makes me feel ill.


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