Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ramble On*

Bad news - I'm still alive!

What to blog about ... could write about me settling into my new gaff (in SE14 - yippee). Or could write about football and Celtic being the worst ever winners of the league title and then going on to beat Dunfermline in the cup final (thought the Pars deserved the extra-time, but tough shit). Or could write about football and how the FA Cup final was fucking awful. Or I could make a mention of how wonderful the play-off finals (and semis, come to think of it) were and how the play-offs put me in a quandary cos I always feel sorry for the teams who finish third and don't go up, but, on the other hand, the play offs are always so exciting. I could write about how last weekend's bank holiday was a wash-out but this did at least give JJ and I the opportunity to spend time indoors and in pubs. And, mentioning JJ, I could write about all the fantastic days and nights we've been spending together recently, lovely pubs, nice restaurants, meals indoors, lots of music we've been listening to. Or I could write about my parents' disastrous holiday as my dad had to be rushed into hospital and spent five days of his holidays in a hospital bed. Or about my sister getting married in a few weeks (a wedding I won't be able to go to cos they haven't given me adequate advance notice). Or I could mention how horrible is the sight of Blair off on a global goodbye tour, costing us taxpayers' millions of fucking pounds. Or about how stupid those Labour Party members are for criticising Gordon Brown (who I think is a right-wing prick, btw) for having the audacity of getting as many MPs' nominations as he could.

I'm sure there is lots of things to write about. The only thing is, I can't be bothered!

* Led Zeppelin


Anonymous marc said...

Hiya Mate! Nice to see you back -- was getting sick of seeing the same last blog entry every morning coming into work. Now I have something to look forward to -- how sad is that???

And, what a snoozer the Ch League final was.....

2:56 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Marc - I was getting really bored of that post too, so thank fuck it's not the last one now. In answer to your two questions...

1. Yes, very sad indeed!
2. What a fucking pish game of football that was, but not half as bad as Manure v Chelsea in the cup final!

8:49 am  

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