Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maybe Tomorrow *

This is really not what you expect cheerleaders to get up to, is it?

This is not really what you would expect to see when you sit down in the hope of catching your favourite programme.

And this is not really what you expect from men of the cloth?

And you wouldn't expect Bulgarian astronomers to do this, would you?

Four trips to the cinema in recent weeks.

Film One - A History of Violence
Everything about this film is excellent - looks fab, acting's fab, great story. All in all, Cronenberg's best since the 70's classics Rabid and Sliver.

Film Two - Broken Flower
Very mediocre. It has Bill Murray playing exactly the part which you expect Bill Murray to play these days - middle aged man facing mid-life crisis. At least it was better than Jim Jarmusch's last effort Coffee & Cigarettes, which I considered to be extremely boring and totally over-rated.

Film Three - Battle In Heaven
Much has been made of its "real sex" contents, so, if you think that sex is somehow nasty, then this is not for you. If, however, you like quality cinema, a mesmerising storyline, quality acting (from the non-professional cast) and some of the most amazing camera work to be seen, then go. The finale is worth the price of admission alone.

Film Four - Thumbsucker
A cracking film and very very funny indeed - and has a great soundtrack. Go see! I now want to read the book.

*The Chords (I've been saying "maybe tomorrow" about blogging for weeks now - like Darren, I'll really really really try to blog more often. But, unlike today, I'll try not to leave it until the next time I get summonsed home from work by the boy's school as he has to go home ill. He's fine now and, in fact, I don't think there was much wrong with the wee shite anyway!)


Anonymous Messalina said...

The strange thing about Thumbsucker is that every time I read a review of it there is a bit of the review that makes me wonder whether the reviewer saw the same film as I did. Which is interesting given a lot of the film is to do with the shifting of perceptions.

9:51 am  

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