Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Night *

I'm off to see this lot. I'm sure to enjoy it, but, if anyone mentions this episode, then there'll be trouble. Review may follow tomorrow.

*No, not Elton John, but Whigfield.


Anonymous Voroshilov said...

Someone's going to have to get some flip-charts, a pointer and a lecture hall to explain the Trashcan Sinatras to me. I just don't get it. Maybe I just can't get past the name. No, no it's not that... I've really tried

12:48 pm  
Blogger Reidski said...

Let's have a pint some day soon and I'll put you on my knee and explain all.

5:02 pm  
Blogger ardeelee said...

i'd love to join you and you'll see how a Filipina drink a pint....haa haa!

Man Oh Man, Not knowing Trashcan Sinatras? My gosh I can't even exist in a world without their music.

10:34 pm  
Blogger John said...

Brother went to see them in Manchester last night (Sunday). Still waiting for a report back.

10:49 am  

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