Monday, November 14, 2005

Get It Together *

I logged on here to write about something in particular and, just as I started, I realised I had completly forgotten what that something in particular was. This suggest that I'm either a) stupid, or b) stupid - you decide!

Anyway, I will say that my cinema-going continued at the weekend as I went to see De Battre Mon Coeur S'est ArrĂȘtĂ© (or, if you prefer, The Beat That My Heart Skipped) - yes, I know, what an unweildy title. Nevertheless, title apart it is very good indeed. At times funny, but mostly violent, with a bit of tragedy and romance also, it involves a bloke who is torn between his life as a violent property developer/bailif type and his passion for the piano and the dream he has of becoming a concert pianist. Based, apparently, on a film from the 70s starring Harvey Keitel which went by the title of Fingers. Go here and read the presse Francais view of this excellent piece of cinema or go here to the official site in English.

Oh, just before I go, I got rid of my link to Dooce. Her blog is very corporate and contains far too many advertisements for my liking - and she can manage very well without my link anyway.

Oh, and again, just before I go - wasn't the Scotland v USA football match at the weekend one of the most tedious games ever? I should also say that the other game which followed it was a little bit better.

* The Jacksons


Blogger John said...

Can't comment on the Scotland match. Wed here in ireland were treated to Derry City v. St. Pats, which was one of the direst matches I've seen in ages, although one of my mates who plays for St. Pats says it was the best they've played in ages.

Managed to avoid mentioning the England game since everyone here is eager to remind me it was "only a friendly."

11:53 am  
Blogger Just Jane said...

We were good though :-)

2:12 pm  

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