Friday, November 09, 2007

Dumb *

Should get on this computer to do some blogging later, but, for now, I'll simply pass on what I think I heard on Radio 5 last night in the run-up to the Nurnburg v Everton UEFA Cup game.

Commentator mentions that there are far more Everton fans in the ground than their ticket allocation and that, unlike elsewhere, fans from Britain travel in huge numbers for away games in European competitions. "Yes," his co-commentator John (didn't get his last name, might have been Colquohoun, ex of Hearts, Celtic, Millwall and many other clubs) says, "it's great. It's part of our tradition. A bit like going and claiming part of another country!"

You fucking what? Football fans as the new colonialists and occupiers? And that's a good thing?

Stupid twat!

I'm off down the pub - Amersham Arms, I think! Well, what else is one to do at 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon?




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