Monday, August 29, 2005

Back To Work *

25 days ago, I started my leave. It all comes to an end tomorrow morning. Fuck, shit, bollocks and arseholes! Oh, well, I suppose all good things have to end at some point.

Anyway, this series of pics has certainly cheered me up - particularly as my footballing mood had dipped in the last hour or so as a caught the news that Millwall have suffered yet another defeat. They lie rooted at the bottom of the table with one point from six games - tossers. Posted by Picasa

*All the following artists have recorded a song by this name: Ericke; Swamy; Skoidats; Pmd; Deftones; The Wonder Stuff, Johnny Corporate (what a great name); Nando Boom; La Sonora Porvena; Barbra Streisand (whose website contains a great deal of anti-Bush and general anti-neocon material).


Blogger Jim said...

So, they have piled up a huge amount of work for you to do in your absence????

7:13 am  

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